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Piquant memories

José Antonio was chatting about his youth and a painting he recently completed, Pasarela. As a young boy he enjoyed going swimming in the Helios Club of Zaragoza.  This was on the other side of the Ebro River. One could cross the river on the Puente de Pedro, a large bridge for cars and people.   Sometimes he was late going home so he would take a short cut, a rope and wood walking bridge called “Pasarela”.  One would have to pay 5 pesetas to get the gate to open, and run across quickly in order to still have the exit gate open when arriving on the other end.  In the series of bridges that he has recently painted, this one has pleasant memories when he was still quite young, maybe 9 or 10. He remembers once he didn’t run quickly enough and had no more money so he had to call out until someone came to help him.Z-Pasarela

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