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Dreams of Casablanca

José Antonio was going to give this painting several different names.  He painted it after viewing once again one of our favourite movies, Casablanca.  As so often happens when he paints, the image can change somewhat in the process and when he looked at the pearly white of the houses in the city that he created he said this painting would be called “Ciudad de Nacar.”  This translated means “city of mother of pearl” and he said it is the view of Algiers when arriving by boat.  I checked with Wikipedia which says Algiers is sometimes referred to as “Algiers the White” due to the glistening white of the houses when arriving in the port.  I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful general  knowledge that José Antonio has. So in viewing this painting we can image that we are Humphrey Bogart arriving in Algiers after the end of the movie as was his intent I do believe. 

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